Elite Flexi Brush Firm


The Elite Firm Flexi Slicker is designed with 1 soft side and one firm. The Bigger Flexi Brush is perfect for the Body, Legs, Chest and Fan Tails.

Side A (Grey) – Volume

  • Padding – Soft
  • Pin Thickness – Thick
  • Pin Length – Super Long
  • Pins Style – Staggered (Gentle Brushing)

Side B  (Black) – Poodle, Doodle, Cockapoo. Double Coated Breeds. Thick and Heavy Coats

  • Padding – Firm
  • Pin Thickness – Medium
  • Pin Length – Long
  • Pin Style – Straight Aligned Pins

The flex feature reduces stress on hands and wrists and reduces the risk of brush burn on the pet. Flexible Head allows the brush to contour on your pet’s skin, making brushing your pet a more comfortable and pleasant experience. All pins are made from stainless steel, tapered and polished

This brush has long bent pins, designed to penetrate DEEP into the coat without damaging your pets skin