Puppy University

Bark & Bath don’t accept puppies for the full grooming service before they are 8 months old, but we can enrol your little puppy into our Puppy University from 12 weeks to 8 months.

We understand you will be quite nervous at the thought of leaving your wee one for the first time, however, it is very important that they are well socialised and desensitised by the time they reach 6 months old. 

Puppy University is 5 x 30min sessions weekly or bi-weekly and each of these sessions will focus on a different aspect of grooming every time so as to not overwhelm your dog by using modern handling and desensitization techniques.

1st Session

The 1st session is just a simple meet and greet so your puppy can get to know us better and start to build a trusting bond with us.

Bark & Bath Dog Grooming Glasgow Puppy grooming
Bark & Bath Dog Grooming Glasgow Puppy grooming

2nd Session

The 2nd session will focus on handling, combing, brushing and they will get a small eyes, bum and feet tidy.


3rd Session

The 3rd session will focus on desensitization to our tools and the dryer.

4th Session

The 4th session will be a relaxing bath and a warm towel dry and gentle blow dry.


Bark & Bath Dog Grooming Glasgow Puppy grooming


(5 Sessions)
(4 Sessions)
X Small
(e.g. Long Haired Chihuahua, X Small Yorkshire Terrier, etc)
(e.g. Lhasa Apso, Miniature Schnauzer, etc)
(e.g. . Cocker Spaniel, Cockapoo, etc)
(e.g. (large) Labradoodle, Standard Schnauzer, etc)
X Large
(e.g. Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland, etc)
Quoted Individually
Quoted Individually

Payments can be spread over the 4 or 5 appointments if preferred. e.g. a small dog, £125, can be paid at £25 per session.


X Small

  • Long coat - 5 sesions £120
  • Short coat - 4 sesions £96


  • Long coat - 5 sesions £125
  • Short coat - 4 sesions £100


  • Long coat - 5 sesions £130
  • Short coat - 4 sesions £104


  • Long coat - 5 sesions £135
  • Short coat - 4 sesions £108

5th Session - Graduation

Then after all that and we’re happy with how your puppy is with each aspect he/she will get a 5th session using everything he/she has learned to have a relaxing first groom and graduate from Puppy University. 

If you would like to book our Puppy University, please call us on 0141 237 9220 or fill out our form and we can get your 5 sessions booked in.

We aim to  respond to every request as quickly as possible, if you don’t see a reply within a couple of days – PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER